Sunday, 11 February 2018

Pretty Little Palettes The Magical One & The Sassy One Reviews

The creator of the Pretty Little Palettes Collection Misfit Cosmetics has been all over Instagram recently, and when I saw just how stunning these palettes - The Sassy One and The Magical One - looked then I knew I had to have them! I was particularly drawn by The Magical One, as I've never seen a combination of colours like this before in one palette, and it's absolutely beautiful! I'm also trying to broaden my "makeup horizons" as it were, and wear more colourful eye looks instead of just neutral ones, and this palette fits this goal perfectly! But in addition to buying this one, I just had to grab The Sassy One too... warm neutrals are just too pretty to refuse!

At first I was thinking of separating out the review for each palette, but honestly the opinions I have are the exact same for both and so I thought I'd combine the two just to save y'all some reading time! To start with, the formula is super buttery and soft, so much so that I've never encountered a powder eyeshadow formula with such little fallout! I was shocked when I applied them to my eyes as, with out without primer, the colours are so powerful and pigmented.

Whilst applying, they're really easy to blend together to create a lovely look! There was a little bit of fallout on my face, but then that seems to happen with every eyeshadow formula I try and so I didn't think much of that. 

In terms of how well they last, I found that over the course of a day, the pigmentation does dull down a tiny bit, and I mean the tiniest of bits! I'd say this applies more to the shimmery shadows than the matte ones but overall I was super impressed with how well they lasted, and I'd definitely compare the quality to that of really popular high end brands like Urban Decay.

So, overall, I would totally recommend giving these a try! I'm so happy with them and plan on trying more products from Misfit Cosmetics soon!

Thanks so much for reading this post, and have a lovely rest of February!


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