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Grace & Stella Health and Beauty Product Reviews

Grace & Stella is an American beauty brand (it's available on Amazon for us UK dwellers) that specialises in creating luxurious skincare products that brings the spa atmosphere into your own home. I tried a couple of their most intriguing products and my reviews for each are down below...

All Natural Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

I was very nervous when I first tried this, as I'd never tried anything like it before. My nerves eased a little due to the clear instructions on how to use it, which is always useful, and that it smelled really nice and fresh which is also a bonus when it comes to products that you use on your teeth. The packaging didn't quite feel as luxurious as the packaging for other Grace & Stella products did as the pot felt like it was made of very cheap plastic, but nevertheless it's great that the design of it as a whole is consistent throughout all of there products, as that makes it seem very luxe.

I instantly fell in love with the fact that it doesn't taste gross at all, seeing as an unpleasant taste when using this was the thing that I was most anxious about. Once I finished brushing my teeth with this, I did notice that my teeth seemed whiter than before, but it definitely isn't a full-proof quick fix product that will leave you with pearly white teeth instantly. It did, however, instantly make my teeth feel incredibly clean - cleaner than if I were to just use normal toothpaste - which felt amazing!

I was also really impressed with the fact that despite the crazy black colouring, there were no leftover black marks and the product was very easy to rinse off. It did leave me with incredibly dry lips, but that's nothing a bit of lip balm can't solve!

Anti-Wrinkle & Energising Collagen Face Mask

If you're after a face mask that moisturises and plumps your skin, this one is perfect!

When I first applied this, I loved the cool, calming sensation that it leaves on the skin. I was a little worried that it would feel slimy as it has a 'jelly' texture, but it didn't at all.After using it, my skin looked gorgeously glowly and healthy. I didn't even need to use moisturiser before I went to bed, which is super rare as I normally have really tight and dry areas towards the outer part of  my face that constantly need moisturiser; this was definitely a huge bonus for me!

However I do have a couple of negatives about this product, but really they're very biased towards myself personally, so I wouldn't take them too seriously if they aren't things that bother you. The first thing is that it is quite messy to open - the individual packages that contain each mask are filled with the skincare serum and it does go everywhere if you aren't careful. Secondly it was quite annoying that the mask doesn't actually adhere to your face like other face masks that are similar to this do. I mean, it did allow me to have an extra half an hour nap, which isn't all that bad, but it's sort of not helpful if you're someone who has a lot of things to do. Lastly the product claims that it helps relieve dark circles under the eyes, and I found that it didn't do that at all, but then I do have some pretty potent ones so that could be the reason why!

2-in-1 Body Exfoliating Brush & Massager

I loved this product! Honestly, I didn't think I would as it's not something that I would typically buy, but I'm so glad I did decide to try it out!

One thing that I immediately loved was the stylish but simple packaging, and the fact that this product is entirely made out of recycled materials, which is great for the environment. The accessories that the body brush and body lotion also came with are really considerate, as the bag is great quality and perfect for storage in drawers, and the hanger is great for storage in the shower.
The product itself is super soft and not at all scratchy - you can still get a really nice exfoliating effect with it without the bristles being too coarse and damaging your skin (which is something that I've had a real problem with when using other exfoliating products in the past). It also makes your skin feel really lovely, soft and healthy after using it.

The body lotion is also great; it's not the best I've ever used but it absorbs into the skin really quickly and isn't at all sticky which is wonderful! The smell (lavender) is absolutely gorgeous and not at all overpowering. It also leaves a cooling effect on the skin which is an awesome added bonus that really makes this product feel very luxurious.


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