Sunday, 5 November 2017

Beauty Gift Ideas feat. Uncommon

It’s not often that you find a store on the internet nowadays that really makes you go “wow!” But I can honestly tell you that the first thing I said when looking at Uncommon was exactly that!

What I love most about this store is the fact that there are so many inventive and unique products available to buy. Not only that, but they pride themselves in friendly and ethical business, as well as working with creative people from all over the world.

I’ve been doing a bit of snooping on Uncommon Goods recently, and below are a couple of stand-out items that I’ve spotted that would be perfect Christmas gifts or any beauty lovers you may know…

Floral Therapy Coconut Sheet Mask Variety 8 Pack

Sheet masks are every lazy-girl’s dream skincare product, and a variety pack full of them is an instant hit! These have such a great range of benefits too; from Complexion Clearing to Stress Relief there’s pretty much no skin problem that these couldn’t fix, and they’re bound to go down a treat.

Cocoa Butter Truffles Bathtub Soaks

How gorgeous are these?! They almost look too good to use! The idea of having a wonderful bath that smells like chocolate is honestly heaven to me, and so this is something that would complete anyone’s wintery evenings. 

Solar System Bath Bombs Set

These are just too cool to resist; I love the creativity of these as bath bombs do indeed make wonderful miniature planets, and I’d love to test them out to see how they smell and how great they make bathwater look once they’ve dissolved. These would be perfect for anyone who loves to experiment with cool new ideas, or for someone who loves to take pictures of beautifully coloured bath water for Instagram.

Birthstone Mineral Soap

These soaps are stunning! To be honest, I’d probably just keep them on display in my room or something because they’re just too cute to use! They’d make a gorgeous addition to any room, whether they are intended to be used or not, and the fact that you can choose from a range of personalised birthstones gives the gift as a whole that extra touch of care and thought being put into it. 

Lip Shimmer Wine Flight Gift Sets

Wine, and lipstick. Need I say more?! The idea of having lip colours that taste of my favourite alcoholic beverages sounds absolutely delightful! This would make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves that added bit of luxury in their life, as well as those who love to splurge on the occasional lipstick now and then.

If you’d like to view more gift ideas for Christmas or any other occasion, then I’d recommend clicking on any of these following links to collections within Uncommon Goods:


Thank you so much for reading this week, and I really hope you enjoyed this gift ideas post – it’s a bit of a new type of blog post for PerfectlyPopcorn, so let me know what you think of it down in the comments below. I’d also love to say another great big thank you to Uncommon Goods for partnering up with me for this post, and I really do recommend you go and check out their website.



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