Monday, 4 September 2017

My High-End Perfume Collection

Perfume is by far one of the most lovely luxuries to own. There's nothing better than finding the perfect scent for the perfect occasion - there's definitely something about it that makes me feel complete and ready to face the day ahead. 

These five scents form my current high end perfume collection; I apologise in advance if some may have been limited edition, but I shall link an online store to as many as I can. Bottles are listed from left to right.

If you're into dark floral scents (as the name suggests), then this product is a must for you! I love to wear this on a night out, or if I'm going shopping as it's got a lovely 'classy' aroma to it without being too heavy.

This is my most favourite scent ever! It's such a chic floral scent - it's not too overpowering and artificial; it has a dark, musky note to it which makes it really individual and definitely worth a sample!

This is probably my most 'girly' perfume that I own - it's much more of a pure floral scent that's great for everyday use. It's very light and fresh, and the packaging is absolutely stunning!

This scent I can only describe as being quite "green"; it's very fresh and light, but has a slight woody undertone to it too. This I normally wear for a summer party or festival, or if I'm out seeing friends in the day.

Thank you so much for reading this week's post - I really hope you enjoyed seeing my high end perfume collection! Just a quick disclaimer to say that I'm not bragging in any way, and I'm not saying that this is either too many or too little perfumes to own, I just know how much I like to see other people's collections of things, and so I thought I would post mine too. 

Hope you're all well!

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