Wednesday, 13 September 2017

GWA Enchanting Eyeshadow Palette Review

For beauty lovers like myself, Instagram is a wonderful platform that opens our eyes to a tonne of new brands and products to try, and this is how I discovered Girls with Attitude (GWA). I've been meaning to place an order with them for a while now (look out for that in future blog posts!), but I recently managed to find their products in my favourite Primark branch! I was so surprised, as I thought you could only find GWA on the internet, but also totally delighted as it meant that I could try some of their products ASAP, and picked up their Enchanting Eyeshadow Pallete.

When I saw this palette, the shades instantly spoke to me. Being very pale and having blue eyes, I find that pink tones work really well for me when it comes to eyeshadow. The only slight problem I have with the shades is the fact that there are so many mid-toned colours, and it may have been better to have included some specifically lighter shadows and specifically darker shadows.

Nevertheless, this palette works really well when considering its £9.99 price tag. They may not consist of the most pigmented formula, but it lasts all day and the shimmers are especially lovely when applied with a damp brush.

The applicator is the biggest, and only, negative I could find with this palette. It's pants - seriously, just throw it away and use another brush.

Overall I was totally impressed with this palette! Since purchasing it, I've created a tonne of lovely daytime and night-time looks, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering purchasing it! I can't wait to try more products from GWA Beauty in the future!

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