Monday, 31 July 2017

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo Review feat.

Being someone with a huge mop of thick, curly, dark hair, it's quite a challenge to make sure my hair stays fresh and styled in the summertime heat. But recently I've been trying out this Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo and I'm super impressed with the results!

One of the main features of this product that instantly provoked a reaction from me was the smell; I personally really like it! It has a lovely soft coconut scent, which isn't crazily strong and over-the-top. However, those of you who are very sensitive to smells may want to give it a sniff before you buy it, depending on how sensitive you are. The thing I liked the most about this scent is that it really does make your hair smell clean; I can't for certain say that it lasts all day, as some days I found it did and other days I found that it didn't, but it's delicacy really reminded me of clean laundry and just freshness in general (please excuse me if my synesthesia is taking hold and making me sound like I'm talking absolute nonsense!)

I tried this product on what I believe is referred to as "Day 2 hair" (basically it had been two nights and one day since I had washed my hair last, as I wash it in the evenings most of the time). For first impressions, it really made my hair feel clean. Obviously it didn't feel as clean as it would do if I had washed it, but for a quick fix it did a great job!

I also tried using this dry shampoo as more of a styling product, as some people use dry shampoo to add texture and volume to their hair, and I wanted to see whether this product would be good for that or not. Sadly, I probably can't give the most accurate review as - those of you with curly hair will understand - my hair never seems to lack volume! Although, I did use it when I put my hair up just to add a bit of texture nearer the front of my head and on the parts of my ponytail that are nearest my hair-tie, and I think it did a nice job. It gave a natural appearance which I really liked, however it didn't last for the entire duration of the day, so those of you who are looking for a long-term solution to adding volume to your hair, then perhaps this product might not be for you.


If you found this review helpful then I highly recommend using the site - it allows access to tonnes of really great product and service reviews ranging from beauty products such as Mascara and Dry Shampoo, to Meal Delivery Services. I personally have found it really useful to refer to when searching for new kinds of products to try, as there's nothing worse than testing out a bad version of something new!


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