Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Luxury Bidding feat. Designerbid

Auctions nowadays are a wonderful and convenient way to find the most stylish items at a more than affordable price; this is why I've teamed up with fashion auction website Designerbid to tell you about their amazing company and all of the great discounts and products that they have to offer.

Designerbid is a brand new, luxury auction website that specialise in high end goods - ranging from Michael Kors handbags, to electronic products from Apple - at 95% off the retail price. Being a really straight-forward and easy to use website, Designerbid is a brilliant destination to buy some of fashion's most lust-worthy products!

How does Designerbid work?

Designerbid offers bidding packages ranging from £15 to £300. To place your bid, simply choose the auction that you wish to partake in, click the "Bid" button, and hey presto! your bid has been placed! On every item, there's a countdown clock that will reset every time a bid is placed - this clock will keep on resetting every 15 seconds if a bid is placed during that time. Every bid is equivalent to 1 cent (when regarding American currency) and each auction will start at $0.00. Despite having a minimum price on each item in order for the business to cover costs, if that minimum isn't reached then the auction passes and everyone that took part is refunded fully, as well as given an additional 10% of their bids FREE. Away from your computer or phone/tablet for a while? Don't worry, Designerbid have you covered, as you can request a number of bids to be placed automatically so that you don't have to worry about missing out. 

This is a great opportunity to get hold of some amazing items - what's even better is that when you sign up, you get 5 FREE bids!

So far items such as Chanel handbags have been sold for around £20 and Rayban Sunglasses have been sold for around £3 - a selection of items being sold on the website can be found below.

Want to find out more about Designerbid...

If you want to hear the latest news from Designerbid, go and follow their Instagram and Twitter, and like their Facebook page; @designerbid. 


Thank you to Designerbid for teaming up with me for this blog post!


DISCLAIMER: I was approached by Designerbid to write this article after applying to collaborate them through Whatsblog. All images have been given to me by the company and I have their consent to use them for this post. I am being awarded for this post.