Monday, 21 December 2015

Black Arts Pro Artist Pad by Freedom Makeup London Review

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Who doesn't love a good high end dupe? Ever since I saw the Lorac Mega Pro Palette I fell in love with it, but being a student with no income other than my monthly allowance, it was way over my budget range. So, when I saw a social media post about the Black Arts Pro Artist Pad by Freedom Makeup London being a dupe for the Lorac Palette, I knew that I had to get my hands on it!

As you can see, the colour range available in this palette is wonderful! You're given a wide variation that are perfect for both everyday and party looks, however I do feel that the undertones of these colours are all very warm - I myself am trying to experiment more with warmer undertones on my eyes as I would normally opt for cooler shades, but recently I've been in the mood to just switch things up a bit.

The packaging is pretty average. I like the idea of a "portfolio/notebook" style of packaging, but the quality is rather poor - The part of the front that you can fold over in order to form a stand for the mirror within the case doesn't stay in place and keep the mirror up at all, and the fact that there wasn't a protective sheet to keep the eyeshadows in perfect condition sort of made me question the brand a little as one of the eyeshadows did come slightly dented due to the lack of protection. Also, the plastic base containing the eyeshadows and keeping them in place is of quite poor quality. Having said that though,

Having said that though, I did have very high expectations of this brand as it's the sister brand of Makeup Revolution and all the products that I've tried from there have been top quality - both in terms of the packaging and the actual product itself.

Despite the packaging being a little disappointing, the quality of the eyeshadows completely makes up for it; they're creamy, ultra-pigmented and super easy to blend when applying. I can definitely see why this was marked as a dupe for the Lorac palette!


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