Saturday, 28 February 2015

MUA Matte Palettes Reviews and Swatches

For those of you who have read my last MUA themed post (click HERE if you haven't already) then you'll know how highly I rate the brand, and so this time I decided to give a couple of their eyeshadow palettes a try, as I've heard many a rave about them! Here goes...

My first impression of these are average; the packaging is smart but not stunning - they're pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a drugstore palette. But nonetheless, the packaging is very good condition and seems like it won't break easily, which is really my number one ask for palette packaging. After all, there's nothing worse than cracked eyeshadows because the packaging isn't sturdy enough!

As you can see, the palettes also come with a handy double-ended sponge applicator; I have to admit that I prefer to use my eyeshadow brushes to apply this, but I'm sure if you're on the go then this applicator will serve you just fine.

MUA (Ever After) Matte Palette

This palette reminds me an awful lot of the Urban Decay NAKED 2 Palette but with a smaller colour range, but saying this I'm still very impressed with the colours that you get for your money. There are a range of light tones which are good for highlighting - I would use them underneath my brow bone for example - and also there are the darker shades that are perfect for contouring the eye and creating that signature smokey eye look. I would say that they are mostly cooler toned colours, and so if you prefer warmer tones, then perhaps this isn't the palette for you. Overall, the shade selection is pretty much perfect!

This is the top line of eyeshadows in the palette, and I honestly was very disappointed with these. Against my vampiricly-pale arm, you can just about see Fade but as for the other ones, they are pretty much unnoticeable against my skin. Being so pale, I find that these won't be of any use to me, as they don't even work as a highlight - after all the point of a highlight isn't to be completely invisible! Despite this however, the formulation is soft and silky, and it does apply well.

The second row of the eyeshadows in this palette were a lot nicer. The smooth formula is also present in these shades which is a good start, but it's easy to tell that these look much more pigmented than the top line. I suppose it may just be easier to see them because they are darker shades; it's all down to personal opinion I suppose. I definitely prefer these shades to the others by far.

MUA Winter Forest Matte Palette

My first impression of this palette were very positive; being blue eyed, I happen to adore browns and blues when it comes to choosing colours for my eyes, and I was really intrigued to see a palette that mixes the two colours together, baring in mind that they're both very different! If there are any other palettes that do this too, please let me know in the comments as I'd love to give them a try! I guess the colour range is also quite odd, as you don't have the obvious colour choice for highlighting, and then also contouring, but I'm trying to look at this in a positive light and say that it will definitely allow me to experiment with my future eyemakeup looks! Once again, these shades also have a very silky smooth formula and texture to them.

When comparing this to the previous palette, the top row is definitely a lot bolder and much more pigmented, however again that could be because of the darker shade selection. I do love these colours though; they are also very cool-toned shades, and so work really well with my pale skin and blue eyes.

This is the second row of shades in this palette; these are a lot more natural than the top row, and are very pigmented for the pricing. The other day, I wore Dove Grey and Slate on my eyes, and I was so impressed at how well they lasted; there was no noticeable creasing and it lasted all day. These eyeshadows are by far incredible value for money!


I hope you all liked my MUA palette swatches; I love doing these types of posts, and I really hope that you all love reading them!




This post is not sponsored in any way; all of the products have been purchased by myself with my own money. All opinions are my own. The images have been created by myself, and the photos used are my own. I created them using the app PicMonkey.